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A few helpful FAQs

Don’t I have fibre broadband already?

Currently, most homes in the UK can only access a ‘slower’ part-fibre broadband network. Even though the service is marketed as ‘fibre’ broadband, only part of the network has fibre cables, the part which connects your property to the internet is likely still connected by copper cables. Copper cables constrain broadband performance. Our network is free from copper cables, with fibre cables reaching your property, which means the performance of the network is much faster.

How will you connect my property?

We use two delivery methods for our full-fibre service. This can be either overhead or underground. Where applicable, we aim to use existing infrastructure (poles, ducts, etc.) which may influence the way in which we aim to get your property connected. This information will be supplied to you once the main infrastructure build has been completed and we have completed a bespoke survey of your property, presenting our solution to get your connected.

How fast is full-fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband can reach up to 2,000mbps (2gbps). However, once the cables have been laid, speeds can be increased with quick network upgrades. In some countries speeds have been tested at 10gbps (10,000mbps). Existing networks in the UK which are part fibre and part copper, generally only reach around 70mbps/80mbps before speeds tend to slow down. Our fibre services are currently unlimited data and reach speeds around 900mbps on average depending on the package you order with us.

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