Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

County Broadband reserves the right to terminate any account, for any reason, at any time, without notice. Prepaid charges for such accounts may be refunded pro rata, less any costs incurred by County Broadband Ltd related to the reason for terminating an account.

County Broadband Ltd does not monitor email or Usenet message content or impose any restraints on the content of messages sent by customers. However, email messages sent by County Broadband Ltd customers to any Internet email address, within or outside the network, and Usenet messages posted by County Broadband Ltd customers to any Usenet newsgroup, are subject to the County Broadband Ltd AUP. Any such message may be deemed to violate the AUP if County Broadband Ltd receives a complaint about the message from the recipient, an agent of the recipient, or a subscriber of the newsgroup. If County Broadband Ltd determines the complaint is justified, remedial action will be taken immediately.

Remedial action may include, and will include in the most serious cases, immediate termination of the account without notice.

All complaints about email or Usenet messages will be investigated by County Broadband Ltd who will be solely responsible for the determination of the appropriate nature of a message. When an account is terminated for violating the AUP, any account-related files which reside on County Broadband Ltd equipment will be irretrievably deleted, including web pages, email messages, and any other files. In addition, legal action may be pursued against the holder of an account, and other persons related to the inappropriate message.

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