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We help you get connected to HYPERFAST Full Fibre Broadband. Don’t know what speed you need for your home? Use our simple speed questionnaire to find out the perfect speed for your home. Full Fibre just got even easier!


Great! Now let’s see if you’re in our coverage area!

No lag

No more waiting hours to download the latest game. With 900 Mbps you could be game ready in under 20 minutes. Plus, less lag than ever before! Now that's HYPERFAST!

No buffering

Broadband built for the entire family. Stream on multiple devices simultaneously, everyone can enjoy a seamless experience on 300 Mbps. Now that's built for the FUTURE!

No interruptions

Work from home just got even better! Crystal clear picture quality on our 600 Mbps. Meet, conference and present the way you want too! Now that's work from home - for GOOD!

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