Remember the struggle of switching broadband providers? Dealing with two companies, endless calls, and confusing paperwork? Those days are (almost) over!

One-Touch Switching is Here (Eventually)

Ofcom, the bigwigs in charge of UK communications, are making a change. They’re bringing in a new rule called “one-touch switching” to simplify the whole process. Here’s the lowdown:

  • No More Double Trouble: You only need to contact your new provider (hopefully us)  – they’ll handle everything else.
  • Switching Made Simple: Whether you’re on wireless, full fibre, or anything in between, one-touch switching makes it smooth sailing.
  • More Power to You: This new rule means you’re in control! It’s easier to compare deals and find the perfect plan for your needs.

Why is This a Big Deal?

Before, switching broadband felt like climbing Mount Frustration. ️ But one-touch switching cuts through that red tape and empowers you to:

  • Find Better Deals: With switching so easy, you can explore awesome offers without worrying about a complicated process.
  • Escape Price Hikes: Tired of being stuck with mid-contract price increases? (we don’t do those at County Broadband!) One-touch switching makes it easier to jump ship and secure a better deal.
  • Get the Speed You Deserve: Don’t settle for slow internet! One-touch switching removes barriers so you can find a provider that delivers the blazing-fast speeds you crave.

The Not-So-Fast Part (for Now)

While the official launch is a little delayed (thanks, broadband industry!), some providers, like us at County Broadband, are already making things easier.

Here’s How We’re Making Switching a Breeze

We’ve got you covered with up to 6 months FREE if your stuck in a contract elsewhere. That means if you have less than 6 months left on your contract with a provider elsewhere, you can still get connected to HYPERFAST full fibre broadband and experience speeds up to 900 Mbps – without paying double. Once your contract ends, a quick call to your old provider is all it takes to finalise the switch. This is super useful to avoid early termination fees as is lets you see out your contract period while benefiting from our network.