County Broadband reveals Black Friday 2023 sale – plus the best bargain buys to boost your home!

The Black Friday sale has arrived! As we reveal our exclusive £1 full fibre broadband offer (details just below), we’re also cutting through the noise and highlighting the best deals to kit out every room of your home with the best tech to make the most of full fibre connectivity.

County Broadband’s £1 full fibre offer explained…

No home is complete without full fibre broadband and, for those who haven’t experienced the glory of up to 1,000 Mbps connectivity, Black Friday sales present the perfect opportunity to get up to speed. Enter County Broadband’s exclusive £1 deal!

In rural communities where we have completed building our full fibre network and gone live, we’re offering new customers £1 a month for the first three months of a 24-month 900Mbps connection package, which becomes £49.99 for the remaining 21 months of the contract.

We are offering this exclusive deal to new customers (residents and local businesses) only during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period from November 24-27, 2023.

This promotion applies only to pre-orders, orders and early orders from new customers for our ‘’Full Fibre 900’’ and ‘’Business Fibre 900’’ services only.

If you’re in the market for new tech for this year’s sales, be it gaming consoles, smart home gadgets or a brand-new computer, full fibre broadband is the best way to maximise the potential of your new bargain buys, be it for business or leisure.

With rock-solid connectivity and incredible speed, we’re going from room to room, highlighting the best tech to take advantage of full fibre broadband during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023.

The Living Room

Image Credit: Mollie Sivaram

The living room, the heart of the home, a hive of entertainment and relaxation. As a room that naturally hosts a hub of technology, Black Friday sales are the perfect opportunity to revamp your home entertainment offering.

This, of course, starts with the centrepiece; the TV. 4K displays are the sales’ bread and butter, turning expensive displays into more affordable ways to experience high-quality video. With a huge range on offer, TechRadar has handily compiled your shopping list of 4K TV deals this Black Friday.

Now you’ve got the ‘looks’ down, how about some Hi-Fi audio for the lounge? Sound good? That’s the point! Soundbars are a TV’s best friend, particularly as built-in speakers continue to shrink as tech giants insist on slimmer displays.

Boasting glorious sound quality, while removing the enormous space required for surround-sound setups, these are a must-have for any modern living room. Check out What Hi-Fi’s guide to soundbars on every budget for 2023’s Black Friday sales.

The Home Office

Black Friday sale
Image Credit: Windows

From fun to function, we move into the increasingly popular home office. Computer technology advances at an astonishing rate so Black Friday may just be a welcome saviour to upgrade and finally put your languished laptop to rest.

Be it desktop PCs or something more portable, computers always feature as one of the best offers for Black Friday month-long savings. While the sales do provide good offers on accessories like mice, keyboards and ergonomic gadgets, deals on computers can often provide hundreds of pounds of savings, making them an ideal deal to seal. Accommodating every form and function that may take your fancy, TechRadar has compiled the best deals on computers, desktops and laptops alike!

To make the most of the sales, desktop stalwarts will want to keep an eye out for new monitors, the other side of the coin to your beefy tower-case computer. Whether your priority is size, speaker integration, fidelity, or perhaps refresh rate, there’s a sale for every screen. Check out ZDNET’s take on the best savings for your home office monitor.

The Kitchen

Black Friday sale
Image Credit: Daniel Norris

You may not think it, but kitting out the kitchen is a serious consideration for Black Friday sales. Home appliances, like air fryers and coffee machines, are only getting smarter, and indeed more expensive, so why not pinch some deals for your meals?

The aforementioned coffee makers and air fryers are some of Black Friday’s hottest saves, but even niche gadgets like pizza ovens, blenders and hot chocolate velvetisers receive their due slashes in the sales, many of which see a 30-50% reductions in price!

If you’re now wanting to upgrade from your rather ‘analogue’ kitchen, The Independent has whipped up a recipe for savings that even DEALia Smith would be proud of. See their recommendations for this year’s sales.

The Gaming Room

Black Friday sale
Image Credit: Chuck Fortner

Being as popular as it has ever been, having a room dedicated to video games is almost the new norm! With this comes a realm of savings geared for gamers, from casuals to hardcore headset-wearing fanatics.

Surprising no-one, Black Friday sales are a hotbed for deals and bundles for various video game consoles and their accessories, often matching the huge price drops of TVs. The Xbox Series X, in particular, has seen its lowest price since its launch in 2021 – dropping from its usual £479.99 to £359 on Amazon at the time of writing.

Alongside new controllers and headsets, we recommend looking for console bundles that come paired with a game to get the most bang for your Black Friday bucks. Unsure where to start? GamesRadar has you sorted for your gaming haven with its own checklist of record-low prices and enticing bundles.

The Whole Home

Image Credit: Compare Fibre

None of the above, however, will truly be worth your time, nor money, without the right broadband. Home entertainment demands fast, robust broadband connectivity beyond the capabilities of copper-based Superfast networks; it demands full fibre.

Full fibre boasts speeds up to 11x faster than Superfast networks, ensuring your new Black Friday buys can achieve their full potential with undisturbed productivity and entertainment.

Whether you’re a resident or business, you can check if you’re covered in County Broadband’s rollout by entering your postcode at where you can also register your interest in finding out more about the infrastructure and service.