The Hyperbar is coming

Forget about cables! We’ll be offering a different kind of fibre this summer…

We’ve been installing Hyperfast fibre networks across areas in East Anglia since 2018, launching rural villages into the 21st century with gigabit-capable speeds. But, why stop there?

We’re constantly thinking of innovative ideas to support our business and we’ve been scratching our heads trying to think of new ways we can introduce fibre into people’s lives.

How? I hear you ask… by launching the Hyperbar of course!

What is the Hyperbar?

Get Real Fibre and Real Energy – The all-new Hyperbar is an energy bar containing a powerful mixture of fibre and protein which is perfect for snacking on the go.

The Hyperbar contains 100% Real Fibre and promises to boost performance up to 18x faster than usual. Fibre is an essential nutrient which is known for its number of health benefits and is related to reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease*.

Our Business Sales Manager, Alex Helps, who has a background in health and fitness, welcomes the launch of the Hyperbar. Alex said: “A lot of time and research has gone into developing this product to make sure that it delivers all the time.  

“Hyperbar contains 100% fibre and is the perfect mix of protein, fibre, carbohydrates with a low sugar content (but not sacrificing the taste!), making the Hyperbar a healthy option to eat before you exercise or the perfect snack to give you that much needed energy boost throughout the day.

“This marks an exciting new project for County Broadband – and this is just the  beginning!”

The Hyperbar will be launching in Summer 2021 and will be available to purchase on our website in a variety of different flavours, which are due to be announced soon.