Welcome to County Broadband’s speed test.

To check your speed with us, please see below some helpful tips to get the best out of your speed test.

  1. Make sure to use the most modern/up to date device within your home
  2. Close down all open applications and/or windows on your device
  3. Use a wired connection where possible or be in the same room as your router on a wireless connection. If on a wireless connection, make sure you are standing close to the router ideally with a line of sight. Ensure there is nothing in between you and the router.
  4. Make sure you are connected to countyBB-XXXXX and not on a 4G mobile connection
  5. Make sure that no one else in the house is using the internet connection
  6. Don’t complete a speed test on a mobile connection (4G)
  7. Ensure you are using the County Broadband speed test and always use ‘multi’ if it is an option (see screenshot, right)
Speed test screenshot

Click ‘Start Test‘ below to begin.