Future-ready, full-fibre broadband


We work with communities to build new, future-ready, Hyperfast broadband networks to ensure everyone has the broadband speeds they need, now and for the future – and we’re investing £46 million to do it.

Why switch to full-fibre broadband?

Your existing
Part-fibre broadband

Currently, most properties in the UK receive broadband through a part-fibre part-copper broadband network. Fibre cables stop at the green cabinet in your street. As the broadband signal passes over the slow-speed copper cable to your property, it slows down. In most cases, the speeds you get at your home won't change, regardless of the provider you buy your service from. Speeds through this network are generally only able to reach about 80mbps - usually, depending on where your home is in relation to the cabinet, you will get between 20mbps and 70mbps.

Our NEW Hyperfast
FULL-FIBRE broadband.

A Hyperfast broadband connection means full-fibre broadband that's ready for the future or 'future-ready'. That's fibre cables all the way to your home, enabling Gigabit (1,000mbps) speeds. As more and more devices in your home need more speed from your broadband (TVs/laptops/smarthubs and tablets), you're going to need faster, future-ready broadband to provide a more reliable broadband connection.

A few questions answered...

Don’t I have fibre broadband already?

Currently, most homes in the UK can only access a ‘slower’ part-fibre broadband network. Even though the service is marketed as ‘fibre’ broadband, only part of the network has fibre cables, the part which connects your property to the internet is likely still connected by copper cables. Copper cables constrain broadband performance. Our network is free from copper cables, with fibre cables reaching your property, which means the performance of the network is much faster.

How will you connect my property?

We use two delivery methods for our full-fibre service. This can be either overhead or underground. Where applicable, we aim to use existing infrastructure (poles, ducts, etc.) which may influence the way in which we aim to get your property connected. This information will be supplied to you once the main infrastructure build has been completed and we have completed a bespoke survey of your property, presenting our solution to get your connected.

How fast is full-fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband can reach up to 2,000mbps (2gbps). However, once the cables have been laid, speeds can be increased with quick network upgrades. In some countries speeds have been tested at 10gbps (10,000mbps). Existing networks in the UK which are part fibre and part copper, generally only reach around 70mbps/80mbps before speeds tend to slow down. Our fibre services are currently unlimited data and reach speeds around 900mbps on average depending on the package you order with us.

What’s the difference between your network and my current network?

We’re building a new network which will enable fibre cables to be installed all the way to you property. At the moment, most homes in the UK rely on part fibre and part copper broadband networks – with the fibre cable stopping at the green cabinet near your property. From the green cabinet to your home is likely to be a copper cable. We are aiming to build a new network free from copper cables that constrain and restrict your broadband speeds and performance. Fibre cables deliver broadband using light and laser technology, which means the speeds you can receive are considerably quicker.

How does my village benefit?

All homes which have placed an order for the service will be connected as we build and will receive a free connection worth up to £225 to ensure their property can receive full-fibre broadband. Because we are a community company, we also offer a free 300mbps broadband service, without charge, to your village hall, to ensure the community benefits from better broadband when using the facility.

How do you bring full-fibre broadband to me and my village?

Watch the video to find out more about your existing part-fibre part-copper broadband connection and see how we can bring full-fibre broadband to your community.

Why go Hyperfast?

Ensure you get connected to
broadband that's future-ready

Our services are 18x faster than the UK average speeds, delivering 18x the broadband performance to your property, meaning you'll always have enough broadband speeds available at your home.

Pre-ordering a connection
supports your community

Placing an order with us will help us understand who wants the service. If we receive enough interest, we can build a Hyperfast network for you and your community, offering a free service to community hubs, like village halls!

We're local to you and so are our customer services teams.

You don't need a BT phone line to use our service. And you don't need to pay costly phone line rental. We're also based locally and we believe that counts towards excellent customer service.

How do we work
with local communities?

Read more about our £46 million investment and how we are using it to help local rural communities get future-ready with Hyperfast broadband.

Want to ask
us a question?

If you have a question about Hyperfast fibre or you want to know more about our networks, please click below.