Project Build FAQs

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When will I be connected?

The plan is to have everyone connected 6 weeks after the completion of the build in the village. There are instances where we have had to phase the completion of the build owing to external factors such as road closure permissions, though, in these cases we do not plan to delay connections.

How will you connect my property?

We are using a mixture of overhead and underground connections dependent on the network infrastructure we have been able to install. We plan the connections from the initial design, but these are liable to change based on on-site factors that may limit our ability to connect you as planned. Once we have completed our main build in your village, we will survey every property, and provide you with a document which proposes clearly how we will connect your property to our network.

What does a free connection/installation mean?

This refers to the physical connection of your property to our network. A free connection refers to the installation of new fibre cables into your home, from our new Hyperfast network cables in the street. A free connection is available whilst we are building in the village. Please consult our terms and conditions for more information relating to the free connection.

How long does the build process take?

Each village is different dependent on a number of factors, in an ideal world we would be able to complete the works in roughly 16 weeks. However, in some circumstances projects can be delayed due to other essential utilities works taking place, or other external factors which cannot be prevented.

How is the build funded?

Once the village reaches the required pre-orders for the project to take place, we will be able to use our private investment funding of £46million to support the build costs in your village.

What build methods will you use?

In order for us to build our network and to deliver Hyperfast broadband to your village, some of the work we carry out may require us to put up overhead poles and lay fibre cables underground. Where possible, under new powers afforded to us by Ofcom, we will seek to keep the building of new infrastructure to a minimum by installing our own fibre on any suitable available existing BT infrastructure.

How often will you update me on build progress?

We will aim to provide an update on our build project every 30 to 45 days. We’ll either write to you in the post or email you with an update. Ahead of the customer connection, a member of our customer connection team will also phone you to arrange an appointment to get your property connected to our network if you’ve pre-ordered a service with us.

Why do you need to build a new network?

The new County Broadband fibre network is a full-fibre solution providing a fixed-line broadband service direct to the home. This enables us to provide FTTP or Fibre to the Premises, rather than Fibre to the Copper Cabinet. This setup enables us to send broadband speeds of up to 900mbps. This allows much faster speeds than the existing copper networks that are currently in place across the majority of the country. The rise of online media and the requirements for streaming in ever better definition and quality will mean the speeds offered by this current network will soon be insufficient to cope with the bandwidth needs in homes.

Will there be disruption and road closures?

As with all build works, there may be some minor disruption in your village whilst we install or lay fibre cables. However, our contractors will aim to work with the village to aim to minimise disruption. In some circumstances, we may need to close roads to ensure the safety of our workforce and members of the public. We will aim to ensure we provide advance notice of any works taking place.

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