Gamers deserve future-ready fibre

September 12th is Video Games Day, a day dedicated to learning about the history of video games and is celebrated by people playing their favourite video games with their family and friends.

With more than 2.5 billion gamers all over the world, video games are a fast-growing market predicted to be worth 90 billion US dollars by 2020 ( But this trend is something that relies on a reliable broadband connection, without that- it can cause numerous problems.

Back in June, E3- the world’s premier event for computer games and related products, announced some up and coming releases, including Blair Witch, Fifa 20, Gears 5, Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk 2077 featuring Keanu Reeves- quite possibly the biggest surprise of the entire event.

But nothing annoys a gamer more than a game lagging, disconnections or buffering -they want uninterrupted gameplay.

So, if you’re a gamer who is relying on broadband connectivity [or a parent of a child that does!], it is important that you research and find the right broadband package to suit these demands.

The type of broadband connection you go for obviously plays a huge part in the quality of gaming experience you [or your children] can enjoy. There are different types of packages you can go for, but the main two are either a standard or fibre broadband.

A standard connection uses an existing Openreach phone network to transmit data to your property and as a result can only provide you with an average download speed of 10-11 Mbps, or less if you live further away from the telephone exchange (

Confusingly, there are also two types of fibre connection. Most homes rely on fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband connections. About 8% of homes can get fibre to the property (FTTP).

FTTC offers you a part fibre broadband service, with a fibre cable going from the exchange to the cabinet, then using decade-old copper telephone wires to deliver the internet connection to your property.

Copper telephone wires can slow your internet down by 50% in the first 100 meters, meaning the further away you live from your cabinet, your speeds will be slower and your connection will be less reliable.

FTTP has a fibre cable going to your property which provides you with a fibre connection directly to your door, eliminating all of the issues you would have with FTTC and a standard internet connection.

Stewart Larner, head of Network Strategy & Operations, says:

“Playing online video games is something that requires a lot of data and often means when you do this, anyone else trying to use your internet will suffer with really slow speeds. With our Hyperfast fibre broadband connection you can use multiple devices at the same time with no issues, something you will not get with an FTTC broadband connection”

Offering you a gigabit-capable connection, you can wave goodbye to buffering and game-lag with internet speeds up to 12 times faster than the UK average and an unrivalled performance for streaming, gaming, uploading and downloading.

With unlimited data and speeds that aren’t impacted during peak times, you can game and stream without worry.

A FTTP connection provides you with a symmetrical service, which means you will be able to upload and download at similar speeds, allowing you to update and stream with no issues.

So, when it comes to the best broadband packages for gamers, in our opinion, a FTTP connection is definitely the only way to go.

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