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Unlike other providers
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We’re not like other broadband providers. And we don’t really want to be. We’re currently on a mission to ensure rural villages in the East of England can access full-fibre broadband, that’s future-ready.

Unlike many other broadband service providers, we work with the community to build full-fibre broadband networks, which we fund through private investment. We then provide a new, future-ready, Hyperfast service to homes and businesses within the village.

Our broadband networks are different because when we build them, we ensure the fibre optic cable goes all the way into the home – which is different to the type of broadband many properties currently access – this is called full-fibre broadband. Full-fibre broadband enables homes to access broadband performance that’s 18x better than what’s already available to most homes – we call this a future-ready service.

Since we started County Broadband, we’ve always aimed to separate ourselves from other internet service providers because we fund and build new broadband networks to benefit rural villages, to ensure everyone can access the broadband services they need”

Lloyd Felton, CEO and founder of County Broadband

What type of networks do we build?

Superfast Wireless Broadband

With Superfast wireless broadband we can deliver broadband through the air, reaching speeds up to 100mbps. We’re working with local churches and other community access points to broadcast our signal to the community.

Hyperfast Fibre Broadband

We’re now aiming to invest £46 million to bring Hyperfast, full-fibre broadband to more than 150 villages across the East of England. Hyperfast full-fibre broadband is a ‘next generation’ broadband network which ensures fibre cables go all the way into the home, offering incredible broadband speeds*.

*Note: Hyperfast, full-fibre broadband is not available in all communities. Please check the availability of our services by entering your postcode below to find out which type of broadband you can access.

Read more about our £46 million investment

Discover more about how we're privately funded to build and operate new Hyperfast fibre networks in communities like yours.

How do we work with your community?

1. Raise awareness

Raise awareness with members of the public about the benefits of future-ready broadband - we need a certain percentage of the community to sign up to receive services before we can build.

2. Design and build

Once we've received enough interest from the community, we can then begin our plans to product detailed designs for a new network and build it in your community.

3. Connect your village

Once we've finished building our new network in your village, we'll be able to get you connected. Where possible, we also aim to offer a free service to public buildings, like village halls and churches.

How can I help to make my village Hyperfast?

We like to involve the community in our projects and we're pretty unique in that respect. What's more, if you can help us raise awareness about our projects, we offer some great rewards! Discover more below.

'Bye-Bye Copper':
The Digital Book

Read more about our Hyperfast fibre broadband services. Download our new 'Bye-Bye Copper' e-Book and share it with your friends and neighbours.

Answering your questions

Don’t I have fibre broadband already?

Currently, most homes in the UK can only access a ‘slower’ part-fibre broadband network. Even though the service is marketed as ‘fibre’ broadband, only part of the network has fibre cables, the part which connects your property to the internet is likely still connected by copper cables. Copper cables constrain broadband performance. Our network is free from copper cables, with fibre cables reaching your property, which means the performance of the network is much faster.

How will you connect my property?

We use two delivery methods for our full-fibre service. This can be either overhead or underground. Where applicable, we aim to use existing infrastructure (poles, ducts, etc.) which may influence the way in which we aim to get your property connected. This information will be supplied to you once the main infrastructure build has been completed and we have completed a bespoke survey of your property, presenting our solution to get your connected.

How fast is full-fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband can reach up to 2,000mbps (2gbps). However, once the cables have been laid, speeds can be increased with quick network upgrades. In some countries speeds have been tested at 10gbps (10,000mbps). Existing networks in the UK which are part fibre and part copper, generally only reach around 70mbps/80mbps before speeds tend to slow down. Our fibre services are currently unlimited data and reach speeds around 900mbps on average depending on the package you order with us.

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