Find out how we connect you to our HYPERFAST full fibre network, with our step by step videos.

Step One – The Design Stage

Our Community Engagement teams will be working with councillors and the local community and start to drum up pre-orders in the village while Design teams work out the best routes to install our Hyperfast fibre cables to properties in the village.

Step Two – The Preparation Stage

We are preparing everything before the inital build works start in your village, this includes informing the Highways authories of our works and raising any permits we need.

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Stage Three – Initial Build Starts

We will start our initial build works and finalising our designs for a Hyperfast full fibre network in your village

Stage Four – Main Build Starts

We are now installing our Hyperfast fibre cables in your village, we will be installing our cables underground or overhead to allow every home or business to access our Hyperfast full fibre broadband

Check what’s available to you