Become a Hyperfast Ambassador!

Hyperfast Ambassadors help spread the word about the importance of full-fibre broadband in our build areas.

Our Hyperfast Ambassadors work with our community liaison teams to help us raise awareness in the community by spreading the word about our projects and helping us get their communities future-ready, with Hyperfast, full-fibre broadband.

We’ll be working really hard to raise awareness of build projects in every area we’ll be bringing our networks to, but sometimes we need a little help from the community to help make it happen!

What are Hyperfast Ambassadors? Support Your Local Community.

What are Hyperfast Ambassadors?

Hyperfast Ambassadors work with our community liaison teams to raise awareness about our Hyperfast full-fibre projects, like raising awareness of our Hyperfast Community meetings, dropping leaflets, or spreading the word on social media.

Help Us Spread The Word About Future-Ready Broadband

Help us spread the word
about future-ready broadband

We can provide Hyperfast ambassadors with all the materials they will need to spread the word about the benefits of Hyperfast fibre in their community.

Support The Development Of Faster, Future-Ready Broadband In Your Community - Become A Hyperfast Ambassador

What’s in it for me?

You’ll be playing your part in bringing faster, future-ready and more reliable broadband to your community. Please complete the form below to apply to become a Hyperfast Ambassador.

Become a Hyperfast Ambassador

To become a Hyperfast ambassador, please complete the form below with your details. It will allow our community liaison teams to get in touch with your to explain more about the project in your area and how you can help.

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In order for us to bring hyperfast fibre to your village, we will need to send you project updates and some promotional materials relating to our services. By ticking this box you are agreeing to receive this (you can opt out at any time).
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