10 reasons why you should GET REAL

As the digital revolution continues relentlessly, we round the 10 reasons why you should switch to REAL fibre broadband.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly been the catalyst for a digital revolution. Both organisations and families alike have had to rapidly respond to home-working and e-learning, transforming their day-to-day to match the ever-changing demands of juggling a work / life balance at home.  

Although the internet has been a critical unifying force for some, enabling work, school, social activity and mutual support,  the pandemic has highlighted the gross digital divide across the UK, with millions of people still not able to get online in these vital times.

That’s why the government’s Project Gigabit is so important, now more than ever. The government has set a target of 85% gigabit-capable rollout across the UK by 2025, but they are relying on local providers like us to deliver this ambitious mission, as we continue to build the necessary infrastructure required to be able to support the ongoing needs of the modern era.

“Project Gigabit is our national mission to plug in and power up every corner of the UK and get us gigafit for the future.”Digital Secretary, Oliver Dowden.

It is only with REAL fibre broadband, that homes and businesses will be guaranteed the speeds, reliability and service you need not just now, but for the future. Here are 10 reasons why YOU should switch to County Broadband. 

  1. Superior bandwidth

Our REAL fibre broadband reaches speeds of 900Mbps, providing you symmetrical download and upload speeds, meaning you can stream, browse and video chat to your hearts content – that’s up to 18x faster than FTTC (fibre-to-the-cabinet) broadband!

  1. REAL fibre connectivity (no copper)

If you’re still on a FTTC connection i.e. ‘Superfast fibre’, your service is currently being delivered by old-fashioned, Victorian copper cables that simply cannot handle the data-hungry devices of today’s age. Our REAL fibre broadband is a brand-new, full-fibre network with the capacity to power all of the devices in your home, no matter which room you are in.

  1. Reliable service

Copper cables are extremely unreliable, causing drop-outs, less formally known as the ‘buffering wheel of doom’. Fibre cables transfer data by light signals, providing a much large data capacity and better reliability, that isn’t impacted by weather or distance.

  1. Future-proofing

Your connection may be ‘fine’ or ‘doing the job’, but the world we are living in is rapidly changing with new technologies released daily, all which require better and faster connectivity than the last. Think home automation and streaming, there’s always something new – don’t get left behind on old copper.

  1. Scalability

The architectural structure behind FTTP networks is made to be scalable and adaptable. This means that it can be expanded and improved in the future to provide larger bandwidth for all of your future data requirements.

  1. Booming businesses

We offer packages not just for your home but your business too, providing network priority to business users; a symmetrical service; a static IP address for website hosting, remote networks and CCTV; 24 hour call-out SLA and bespoke PBX phone service, for all of our business customers.

  1. Community contributor

We work closely alongside the community, local councilors, highways authorities and broadband ambassadors to ensure disruption to the local community is minimised, including reinstating footpaths and re-seeding grass verges once we have finished our network build, to restore the area to the way it should be.

  1. The digital future

The digital future is now. With artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and 8k among the top tech trends of 2021, it is clear the world is changing, fast. As technology continues to progress day-by-day, so does the need for full-fibre connectivity in your home, not just for now but for the future.  

  1. Streaming era

If you want to take advantage of UHD, 4K and 8K quality streaming, without a decent bandwidth your streaming service will automatically downgrade the quality without you even knowing, resulting in poor quality streaming and frequent buffering. Streaming is only likely to continue to progress, therefore your broadband MUST keep up!

  1. Home working is here to stay

Studies suggest that homeworking is not just limited to lockdown and is likely to continue post-lockdown and beyond, with increased productivity and better work-life balance being among the reasons. Is your broadband prepared for long-term homeworking?

As the digital revolution continues, the broadband bandwidth needed will only go up, so don’t miss out – get future-ready now.

Our broadband is: Really fast. Really reliable. Really fibre.

What are you waiting for? GET REAL today.

Check your postcode here to see if we’re available in your area, if we’re not there yet, rest assured – if you register your interest today, your village or town may be within our next rollout!